Arya Finalcial Services

Risk management

Customer information

From solvency information to fraud prevention

Before you conclude a contract with a new customer, you want to be sure that the partnership will become a profitable customer relationship. As a provider of solutions centring around risk management, we know that companies often lack the information required to assess risks. Using information from credit agencies therefore provides greater security when accepting orders or approving credit.

Risk management – how you benefit

  • Risk management from a single source
  • Greater security when completing business transactions
  • Default risks are minimized

Consumer information

More and more people are taking out credit for larger purchases or paying in instalments. For companies, these trends are associated with certain risks that have to be minimised.

We gather specific consumer information about your customers and use it to assess their creditworthiness. We analyse interested parties such as customers securely and in real time – and tell you whether they are solvent.

This way we help you to safeguard your business success in the long term and ensure your business relationships are low-risk from the outset .

Fraud protection

Minimise risk and maximise success through fraud protection

Every industry faces unique challenges when it comes to preventing fraud. Patterns of fraud vary and specific solutions are required to successfully manage risk. Our experts can help you to effectively protect yourself against payment default as a result of fraud.

Fraud prevention – how you benefit:

We reduce the risk of payment defaults by preventing fraud and offer retailers the security they need for their business.

We help companies by providing solutions tailored to the relevant industry